Bakliwal Tutorials Pvt Ltd (BT) was started in March 2005 with the aim to help students preparing for IIT-JEE, realize their dreams, and to make sure that the preparation process itself becomes a fun filled and growth involving experience. The institute is successfully doing so and is now training more than 2500 students across various courses. From the first few batches itself, more than 650 students from BT cleared IIT-JEE (now known as JEE Advanced), with a result that is unparalleled. For the last 9 yrs in succession, BT has produced the maximum number of selections in IIT-JEE in Pune city with Pune topper in 7 out of last 9 years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017). .. Read More

For online tests,
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Chairman & Managing Director's Message

Vaibhav Bakliwal
Chairman & Managing Director, BAKLIWAL TUTORIALS - IIT

We appreciate your sincerity and determination to clear the important examination ahead of you. Your decision to consider Bakliwal Tutorials to be your trainer bears ample testimony to your resolve. Every smart individual realizes the importance of expert help at the right juncture. Behind every Edmund Hillary triumphantly waving a flag at the pinnacle is month of toil under the watchful eyes of a committed trainer. For the past 12 years, we at BT have been that trainer for many a successful students. So, do we have some magic formula that will open the gate of a favorite institute for you? No, we do not. There is no substitute for all the hard work that you alone must put in. What we do have is the knowledge, expertise and the right classroom culture. Our knowledge will tell you how to channelize your efforts and how to focus your attention so that you are able to achieve maximum in minimum time. Our expertise will take you through so many simulations that when you face the real test you will have confidence of being on familiar ground. Our classroom culture will help you stay positive and motivated throughout. We have a simple definition of our success: When you succeed, we succeed. Once again welcome to the BT family, welcome to success! Sincerely, Vaibhav Bakliwal